Over-engineered and virtually indestructible, YETI coolers changed what outdoor enthusiasts expect from their coolers. They needed their product pages and demos to do the same.

YETI   Tundra 35 Hard Cooler2.jpg

My Role

Ideation (comparison tools and video)
UX Writer (headlines and body copy)

The Challenge

The brand needed a digital experience that spoke to those who live to be outdoors, telling their story through YETI products, demos and inspiring passion for the wild.

The Approach

Our team concepted cooler comparisons, product demos and imagery that reflected the lifestyles of YETI’s core audience.

Product Category page

We brought the YETI spirit to life on product category pages through the lifestyle imagery, use cases and comparison tools.


Users gain a better understanding of the product and size that best meet their needs.

product demo

For one of a YETI lid product detail page, my partner and I came up with a fun way to show that it won’t leak. Because a mechanical bull!