While Frost had long prided itself on “good ol’ face-to-face banking,” the bank also has the technology to allow customers to open checking accounts from the convenience of their phone. However, prospective customers were having a hard time doing it.



Research and discovery
UX Writer

the challenge

Prospects downloaded the Frost App, and then either didn’t open a checking account at all, or opened two of them by accident. Based on analytics, we knew that half of users struggled to find the “open an account” link, and that 40% of existing customers re-signed up for an account when they try to login for the first time.


We tested language, layout, imagery and content to optimize the process. We also asked potential customers if they had enough information from the app to open an account. In doing so, we improved the overall customer journey and decreased the number of accidental duplicate accounts.



We tested the original design plus the three variants shown here. We also tested the mobile app marketing flow (the process a user goes through from seeing the app in the App Store/Google Play to becoming a customer) to ensure users had the content they needed to make a decision with confidence.

Landing Screen B.png
Landing Screen A.png
Landing Screen C 1.png


Armed with the testing results, we identified the right messaging and layout to optimize the Frost App landing screen for the first-time user. We also identified a more meaningful experience for the marketing flow from the App Store and Google Play. The updated flow provided users with the right information to open an account while communicating Frost’s brand pillars.