Bluebonnet electric

Bluebonnet is an electric co-op in the Texas Hill Country, founded on a commitment to service. However, most people are indifferent about their electric supplier, concerned primarily with reliability and rates. Our aim was to build a site to help Bluebonnet build a deeper brand connection with its customers.

West TX Windfarm2 copy.jpg

My Role

Discovery research
Content strategy
Content audit
UX Writer (headlines, body copy, and transactional and error messages)

The Challenge

Because Bluebonnet is a community-owned power company, we needed to give its members transparency into the organization—and build a deeper connection with them.

The Approach

We thought up a concept and strategy for their website with dynamic content, shining a light for customers into all areas of the business.

Home page

We pull data from members and the organization to reflect the transparency of the co-op.

Member Dashboard

In addition to the account management features users expect, we also created a dashboard that allows members to view their energy usage in a variety of ways, such as environmental impact, energy usage comparison and cost to date.


We created a page of resources that made it easy for members to save money and protect the environment