From designs that tamed the American wilderness, landed on the moon, and defended the country, Case knives have earned their place in some of our nation’s defining moments. Yet after 130 years, this iconic brand had never sold a knife online. It was our job to build their first-ever ecomm site from the ground up.


Content Strategy
Content Audit
Discovery Research
UX Writer (headlines, body copy, navigation and transactional and error messages)

The Challenge

Case knives finally wanted to sell knives online to a younger audience to compete with the likes of Amazon.

The Approach

With a small, dedicated team, we built from scratch an ecomm site with a product database for over 600 products, while creating messaging and imagery to reposition the Case brand. And, because Case couldn’t compete with Amazon on price, we gave users the ability to personalize their knives.

The Old Site

They needed to redo pretty much everything about their existing website. Built in 2006, it had no visual hierarchy, confusing and redundant navigation, links to PDFs, and most importantly, lacked e-comm.

Research & Discovery

We went to work interviewing knife owners, checking out the competition, building personas, finding a place for the 600+ products in the IA and developing a content strategy.

Home page

We designed the home page to feature marketing promos, new and best-selling knives and the ability to personalize a knife in the primary nav, an important differentiator for Case. Visit website

Product category and detail pages

We built the product category and detail pages to educate a range of personas on the different types of knives and their use cases. And to move differentiate Case from other knife makers, we shot imagery that gave better context to the knives, and brought to life a new brand position.

Our Story page

We told the long, rich story of the knife company and its place in the history of America. We also created content to help people take care of their knives and resources for collectors.